Hannah + Deborah Agboola - Big Brother UK 2017

  • Strategy
  • Content Creation
  • Community Management


Hannah and Deborah landed a spot on one of Britain’s biggest reality television shows…Big Brother UK 2017. The show lasted for 8 weeks and we were commissioned to produce a social media campaign for them during this time. Before the show, the Agboola sisters had a relatively small presence on social media with a combined total following of 3k on Twitter and 4k on Instagram. In contrast to their fellow housemates, of which a few had previously appeared on other reality television show and acquired relatively large followings. Our objective was to create a strong online presence for the girls and effectively raise the profile of the dynamic duo.

Through organically building an online community and growing following around Deborah and Hannah we were able to achieve this. Consistently posting to their social media 7 days a week was instrumental in leading the girls into the final week of Big Brother 2017. But most importantly captivating the nation and having them eagerly await to see what the girls would do next!


The Agboola sister’s activity in the house coupled with content of their most thought provoking and entertaining moments, in addition to daily engagement with viewers/supporters, garnered the following:

  • +4000% increase in organic profile views

  • +200k views on Instagram stories during the Big Brother UK 2017 show

  • +500k views across Instagram and Twitter video

  • The campaign reached a combined social media reach of over +1 million

  • A +4000% growth in social followers during the show (and counting!)


We engaged both viewers of Big Brother and supporters of the Agboola sisters through the promotion of social content that aligned best with their different personalities. Additionally , the consistent use of hashtags e.g. #BBDeborah #BBHannah #BBUK #AgboolaSisters enabled us to track those that posted to social media about the girls and engage back in real-time. This not only had the Agboola sisters trending 3 times on Twitter but also further promoted the girls’ social media pages, turning passive followers into active followers.

Our work has contributed to a combined +40k increase in followers on Instagram by the end of Big Brother 2017, as well as a +1 million increase in overall impressions for both sisters!