Back Story

CANG describes itself as a ready-to-wear menswear label expressing the journey of man through design via narratives. CANG fuses elements of roughneck (hard-manual labour) attire, contemporary menswear and streetwear formalities with a minimalist approach to bring about subtly flamboyant, wearable clothes.

At the beginning of the year we partnered up with CANG’s founder Jermaine Nwankwo to establish strategies across social, content, web and public relations for the launch of their inaugural ‘FALL ON A RISE' collection.

We were approached with the mere concept of a fashion line, sketches and a line sheet. With concerns that the brand could fall into the merchandising category—lacking proper execution and market solidifying structure—Jermaine wanted his soon to be baby launched effectively. A challenge we identified, was the growing number of fashion labels emerging into the UK market offering direct-to-consumer clothes in the urban/streetwear category, selling at a fraction of the price they would need to charge if they were targeted as contemporary. We knew we had a task on our hands, but assured him that our work hugely focuses on quality and we won't compromise or sacrifice that. 


To summarise, our objectives were to work on brand/marketing strategy, website copy and creative content to bring a fashion film and digital lookbook to life with PR to support the distribution. Prior to the development of the latter we immersed ourselves in the world of fashion for two weeks. Allowing our data-inspired minds to guide us, we learned that London subcultures were taking a likening via their pockets to high quality fashion and streetwear inspired 'labelled' contemporary, premium brands.


We dug right into the brand strategy, for almost two weeks to understand the vision, goals, and requirements of the founder to the T. Here we ironed out the brand story, values, benefits and potential consumers targets. 

A crucial part of our strategy sessions involves dissecting consumer behaviour to inform the archetype/profiling portion. Leveraging our unique experiences, not only aided in content development but an overall understanding of the possible touch points for the brand. 

Considering that we've coined millennial as a mindset, we went ahead and established the psychographic dimensions. We discovered that the consumer is on the lookout for a reasonable price, but intrigued by quality and influenced by design. Although they are dedicated to embracing and embodying trends, this consumer is accustomed to purchasing staple pieces every odd season. Technology and mobile-oriented, this was a perfect opportunity to go all out with a digital brand experience.

Creative Content: Fashion Film

To introduce CANG as a premium branded player, we kicked off the content development by planning the fashion film titled ‘Lost In The World’. The video was set in the woods in South London and expressing an emotion of lifelessness whilst displaying the pieces of the brand. Each scene, written by the Designer Jermaine Nwankwo, aimed to deliver a mood to the viewer.  We filmed the fashion film in the woods representing the "world" and/or the "mind", illustrating the model as spaced out/grim/sad/lifeless (but in a subtle way) whilst highlighting how the details of the garments interact with the environment.


A fashion brand is nothing in the digital era without a lookbook that aligns with its core purpose, personality and positioning. With the help of photographer Barbara Premo, we created a bold and visually enticing series of images, utilising the wood theme as a prerequisite to selling the product that could live across digital and facilitate press outreach.

Web Strategy: Content-driven eCommerce

Being that we’re not web developers, we left this area of expertise to a wonderful guy named Colin. However being that we took an integrated marketing approach to this project, we held in-depth sessions with the Colin and the founder Jermaine Nwankwo to discuss the look, feel and tone of voice of the e-commerce platform. It was imperative for us to make sure that the website design reflected the minimalism of the clothing, but had interactive elements to appeal to the consumer-centric approach we idenfitied earlier on in our strategy sessions.