We're looking for passionate individuals that want to help contribute to culture and do great work with dope people. We are looking for interns (preferably students/newly graduates) who can commit a minimum of 2-3 days per week to work with our exciting roster of clients.


Do you want to work with a culturally credited group of individuals and an exciting roster of clients, whilst being responsible for their content marketing and social media channels? Are you obsessed with the user experience and able to think like a consumer, yet still subtly build audience connect?... then this role may be for you.


  • Display good problem-solving skills, resolving issues that arise during development

  • Detect consumer demands

  • Create educative and inspirational content that can build emotional connect

  • Research industry news & trends — relating to clients & company

  • Execute a social media strategy that involves identifying active community members and thoroughly engaging in conversation that share and promote them

  • Strategically and ethically produce big differences in brands' ability to influence others, without resorting to financial levers


New technology, digital media and mobile devices have indefinitely changed the way people connect and consume content, but this doesn't phase you. You're predicated on developing new ideas that'll connect to culture and drive it forward. You harbour a very strong point of view that reflects the world young people live. You are a natural born social storyteller, able to adapt to change quickly with way too many tabs open with articles you "aim" to read before bed. 


  • Create content that is timeless that can create sizeable long term benefits and cut through clutter and digital noise
  • Draw from an outside perspective while immersing yourself in the local culture
  • Understand and predict consumer taste across multiple categories of culture
  • Actively engineer movements and introduce individuals to the spotlight
  • Cover some of the overlooked cultural aspects of a location, and approach content more like a cultural-strategist and journalist rather than a business professional


We're looking for an assistant account executive that will report to the CEO and business development manager. You will be expected to maintain, strong and lasting client relationships to support client's marketing objectives in a manner that results in a profit to the agency.


  • Develop timetable for client projects in conjunction with the other members of the account team
  • Guide the day-to-day development of all client project. Ensure that the progressive steps in the process are approved with adequate time to meet schedules
  • Keep agency personnel informed of client requests and changes
  • Review all media and creative work prior to submitting to the client for approval; and obtain all required client approvals.
  • Participate in new business activities