Deborah and Hannah Agboola


Social Media Stats

Combined following → Instagram: 46K | Twitter: 26K

Their primary demographic comprises of women aged 18 - 35

Deborah Agboola: Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

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Have you heard of the Agboola sisters?

Deborah and Hannah Agboola, 25 and 23, stole the show during their Big Brother grand entrance by wearing traditional African attire and truly represented multicultural Britain. Both made it to the final week of Big Brother. The sisters started the movement #1TEAM1DREAM based on their values of family, sisterhood and culture.


  • Guest panels

  • Presenting (Entertainment)

  • Fashion and beauty modelling

  • Sponsored social media posts

  • Ambassador roles

  • Event appearances


  • Big Brother UK
    • Black women on reality TV
    • Creation of 'Love, Peace and Harmony'
    • How they dealt with conflict
    • Friendships
    • Multitude of tasks
    • Nonconforming
    • Introducing housemates to cultured dance
    • (How they got through) No outside contact
    • Lack of technology
    • Support from viewers
  • Sisterhood/Womanhood
  • Motherhood
  • Breaking down stereotypes 
  • African culture
  • Music and dance getting them through the house
  • Rylan Clark dancing to their jingles of BBBOTS
  • Future plans

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