Estée Blu Listening Party - #EsteeSoul

Event Planning



Roundhouse Resident Artist and London Singer-Songwriter Estée Blu embraces genres such as Jazz, Gospel and champions authenticity and imagination through Neo- Soul and R&B. Amongst the new wave of British Soul singers, Blu equally brings her own style to Contemporary R&B. With the world of breaking musicians being saturated with a flow of online content, Estée Blu engaged us to create and promote a brand experience that would highlight her musical identity and distinguish her as an upcoming artist.

PR Strategy + Event Marketing

Our strategy had the objective of seeking out opportunities to expand the client’s network to instigate potential future work. Thus we needed to acquaint industry insiders to Estée Blu’s music whilst also connecting her to other creatives. The purpose of the event was to announce the release of Blu’s latest single “All” and with this the PR strategy involved outreach invitations to interested parties, following up with compelling reminders.


Sponsorship, provided by Cloud Chaser Rose and Dimple Boy Cupcakes formed part of our communication strategy. The aim of this was to exhibit the client’s brand personality; the fusion of luxury and class to her musical craft, implemented through alternative aspects of audience experience to the live performance.

Event Creative

We took measures to ensure the client’s branding was present through colour palettes and typography, which was incorporated in creative visuals of the listening party. Emphasis on attention to detail was important to ensure both the client and audience could maximise their experience, and this was consistent throughout details such as personalised balloons, wine, cupcake sponsors and furthermore through engaging activity cards.

The concept of the Ice Breaker Soul Cards was created with the aim of shaping the event to have impressionable and nostalgic moments that compel the audience based on memory. It was important for everyone resonate and connect with the experience beyond listening but also through contribution. Each audience member was given a card with a personal quote from Estee Blu and a point of discussion task regarding music, creativity and passion; an opportunity for the audience to voice their own ideals.

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Q + A

Although the amazing track played by Estée, the live PA from supporting Act Arieleno set a great tone and first half of the event, we decided to make it a lot more intimate and give the audience an insight to who the woman behind the mic was, the purpose of the track, Estée's next steps and more. This was hosted by our Founder Prisca Moyesa.

Photo: Mungz Media

Photo: Mungz Media


The turnout of the event was successful, with increased engagement and awareness post-event influenced by social media content. Estée Blu has since been commissioned to perform with renowned platform So Far Sounds London, received coverage with editors from Acoustic Live UK and featured as an upcoming artist with NME Magazine.