Brand + Marketing Consultancy


We carry out brand and marketing consultancy sessions with talent across the UK.

PBGR approached us to help broaden their reach and connect with "fans" on social. We sat down with their management and production team to discuss possible brand touch points and discovered that, honing in on strategy via Twitter and Instagram would be better suited platforms to take their audience through a visual journey leading up to their album release, and draw people closer to the group and PlayBrokeGetRich team. We recommended a marketing plan that included a social media audit, content strategy, community management guidelines and comprehensive email communications at all stages of their campaigns, to help re-establish and re-position PBGR into the UK music market.

Although like our other case studies we'd love to share more on our approach, these sessions (as you would imagine) were pretty intimate and confidential. Want to know more #FactsandStats from this client? drop us a line.

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