The Relationship 

Spark Global Education (SGE) is a customer led organisation that provides domestic students, international students, colleges, universities and local authorities with digital assets and products. Even though SGE had a product demand, their social media profiles were harshly lacking personality and understanding of the audience and how to develop online relationships and engagement with ideal and future consumers. We were tasked to consult on several products, and work with close with their IT and design team to market their B2B and B2C their products. 

For the purpose of this case study and your beloved time, we'll break down the process behind one of their product. UK Student Advisor, (UKSA)

UK Student Advisor

UK Student advisor power a number of student engagement platforms and has built its company by  around providing support for international students, to help them move to the UK for education. By offering a comprehensive e-book for aspiring students that provide updated information of UK colleges/ Universities, Bank Accounts, Travel Info, Student Accommodation, Insurance and much much more.

The Challenge

The internal marketing team worked hard to build a brand around its core values, although having successful sales periods, they lacked a strong brand that had the potential to serve their target consumers. 

Consumer Target: Archetypes

Post- audit of their current marketing strategy and digital presence it was evident that although the product catered to students wishing to study within the United Kingdom, they were missing out on the intricate facets that defined their target consumers. This phase explored the latent needs of international students, parents, and students. To further our research we dug into previous interactions, messages and documented data provided by the UKSA team and developed key insights.

Our research of UKSA’s consumers fell in the categories below and drove our digital strategy:

  • The main purchasers fell into the digitally native category

  • In the 20 - 30’s age bracket

  • Open to reading articles that align with their struggles

  • Authenticity and aspiration remain critical

Here the targets desire relatable content to increase trust of the brand, they want guides that work, help facilitate their choice to study abroad/in the UK and don’t cost too much. Making the international jump is scary, uncertain and has its cons, we needed to reflect the brand values via content and engagement as a key element to shake off the stigma of fraud services.


We kicked off our work for UKSA by developing digital marketing campaigns across Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin for their B2B and B2C offerings via the following:

  • Make connections and reach out to potential partners.
  • Track all marketing activities
  • Produce reports on results and tangible outcomes
  • Strategy, Content creation, Paid Media (Linkedin and Facebook) and Community Management

Our B2B work included:

  • Content repositories (condensed complex information)

  • Local Jobs user guides 

  • Mail Shots

  • Email marketing templates

  • College marketing guides

The Results

To help create a community online and connect with their target audience, we formulated Tweets and Facebook posts that aligned with relevant news, personal information that humanised the brand in the form of photo’s, videos and GIFs embodying student and London culture. We developed a seamless feed, that didn’t look too cluttered with promotional posts, but more so built a narrative around the archetypes identified in the beginning stages, utilising the following platforms.


  • Twitter

  • Facebook

  • Pinterest

  • Blog

After communicating with SGE's design team, who designed infographics for a 3 month campaign distributed on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, engagement rates grew from 88% to a 300% increase on Facebook, their primary channel. By adding a more compelling visual elements to blog and social media posts, web page views also increased by 80%, resulting in two times more sales  than estimated.