Founder/Chief Marketing Officer

Hey! From the year 2008, I've dedicated my time to mastering my skills in: Media, Film, Communications, Events, Sales, PR and Marketing. My experience in those sectors has contributed to my understanding of how to leverage social media, connect with wider audiences, to generate sales.

My most exciting time was spent with Astrid & Miyu, shaking up their social, building a community of over 5k+ followers whilst getting jewellery into the hands of consumers.

The agency was founded on the understanding that the U.K is incredibly multicultural and diverse in thought. However this isn't expressed via brand marketing. I have the data to back up the return on culturally diverse marketing, which is inclusive of everyone. So let's no longer do a disservice to brand affinity and make shit happen.

See you at work!


Brand Strategist

With a background in advertising, over the years I have gathered experience formulating a diverse range of creative campaigns. I’ve always had an eye for branding and love transforming research and insights into impactful communication strategies. So whether it’s building a brand from the ground up or taking it to the next level, I’m ready. Let’s make it happen!


Community Manager

Your brands online presence provides the opportunity to connect with a widespread community, therefore putting your best foot forward is key! With a BSc in Business Management (Marketing) and a background within the alcohol industry. The diverse skills I have developed are in: Marketing, PR, Events and Sales. Therefore I know what it takes to build a strong community behind your brand.

With a passion for all things social…I work on developing your online community through producing social media strategy tailored to your aims and target audiences. Most importantly delivering exclusive creative content that gives your brand an edge. That edge you may wonder is the cultural flavour that best speaks to your community.


Content Creator

He's busy filming and editing your photos and videos but will be sending through his bio shortly...