Moyesa & Co.
Social-first marketing agency, specialising in social media management and video production

About Us


Bottom Line is a brand development agency that is not only here to tailor to our clients needs, but we really do focus on the core of your brand without being afraid to highlight all the grey areas, replacing them with new methods and strategies that will enable you to grow.

High-quality is just our thing, nothing less. Our team specialise in showing our clients that professionalism isn’t synonymous with a synthetic operation, being you is more than enough. That’s where it starts.

There are many layers to your brand and we make sure that every touchpoint of your brand is attended to. To be a business owner, creative ect is to be unafraid, to grab challenges with both hands, ready to smash it and to not be defined by the errors you may, and will make.

Work-life balance is key, we encourage a healthy system and that’s what comes first… you. We priorities you.

Be willing. Without the will things won’t get done, and the bottom line is to, believe in your craft no matter what and to remain focused.

We’re are here to show you a new approach outside of new traditions, that will give you more than the results you expect.