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Music is Powerful

Everyone knows music is powerful and today is plays such a fundamental role is the lives of Millennials and Generation Z. Music is no longer what it predominantly used to be for older generations, which was a separate outlet to express an enjoy themselves. It's embedded into the daily activities of today's children and young adults. It's a great insight to consider when looking into depth at how generations spend their time and how we as marketers can use this to formulate strategies of communication. 

Brands could be doing a lot more with music right now, not just the typical affiliation or sponsorship with a music artists but collaborating with them to create art that speaks to the insights about this audience above. Think about the type of creative solutions food and video games brands could be doing with music at the core of their campaigns and strategy. This is definitely one for more thoughts. Below are some of the data we found to back this up: 

  • Gen Z (5-19) are “immersed in the earbud era.” Twenty-five percent wear them seven-plus hours a day, listening to music (87%), watching YouTube videos (76%), and streaming TV (70%), according to Pandora’s study. Music is so important to this generation that 87% listen while doing homework, 76% while texting, 70% while using social media, 55% while eating, and 44% while playing video games. (Source)

  • Millennials (ages 16-35) are more open to music, merchandise and social sharing than other demographic groups. They enjoy fan-created content (64 percent, to non millennials' 46 percent) and share at a much higher rate (63 percent to 44 percent). (Source)

  • Music is a mood enhancer, identity shaper, a human connector, and 97% of Gen-Z say music makes them happy and helps them forget stress and problems. (Source)